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Casting process design of water pump body casting
- Sep 14, 2017 -

Considering the pump volume is relatively large, so when making the model, usually choose wood. In addition, because there is a groove between the lower flange and the pump body itself, and therefore need to make a large core flange. It should be noted that the structure of the pump body casting from its level is in the middle, and the use of materials of higher hardness, wear resistance.
Therefore, in the actual process of water pump body,may be more complex. So how do we determine the casting process? First of all, in the design of gating system, taking into account the pump body casting of the larger, but relatively poor liquidity, so using the open gating system; secondly, in the design of the riser, is generally not recommended to choose top riser. This is because the product actually belongs to the volute structure, with flange plate up and down.
Therefore, in this process, we need to select the appropriate design method for the riser of the pump bodyaccording to the specific requirements of the user. For example, we can calculate the diameter of the riser by the modulus method. In addition, we need to place cold iron and chilled sand in place. Normally, there is a slot with a depth of sixty mm between the pump flange and the volute.
So, in this part it is likely to form the hot section, if placed in the middle of the ordinary type of sand, then more prone to bond issues, it is recommended that you is the best use of chromium iron. In addition, the chilled sand shall be placed on the heat sink section of the pump body to prevent the shrinkage, shrinkage or shrinkage of the castings.


pump body

One of the last concerns is to choose the appropriate casting temperature and casting speed. According to the properties of the material, then we should control the casting temperature of the pump body castings in the range of 1360 to 1430 degrees centigrade, and complete the casting within 60 to 80 seconds as much as possible.

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