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Casting process and hardness strengthening method of brass casting parts
- Jun 24, 2017 -

Brass casting is a typical non-ferrous metal casting, and its casting process must be the same as the general non-ferrous casting, but because of the particularity of the material, some details of the processing will be different. In addition to understanding the processing flow of brass castings, it is also necessary to understand the way they change their properties.
When processing brass casting, casting temperature control is critical, generally at least 980 degrees, but this is only for the high zinc brass material, if it is low brass casting temperature is high. There are three specific casting processes, namely, lost wax casting, die casting and sand casting.
When the lost wax casting brass casting, molten alloy by using wax injection, after cooling and solidifying after casting required; and casting can be reused for a mold, forming complete brass castings. While sand casting is ancient, it is also very common, especially for small foundries.
When the specific operation, the first is to know the mold preparation, mold preparation quality is the main factor affecting the quality of the brass casting; then casting melting and casting of metals; then casting processing and inspection, including the removal of the core and the casting surface, gating, foreign body removal grinding burrs and fash etc.. Material and heat treatment, plastic, anti rust and rough machining etc..


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In fact, brass casting hardness can be further increased by corresponding measures, such as adding trace cobalt in raw materials, can effectively reduce the grain size of the as cast alloy, the change of grain shape, so as to improve the tensile strength and hardness of the alloy, and the alloy has good ductility.

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