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Butterfly Valves Casting process
- Jan 13, 2018 -

Butterfly valves casting is an important part of the entire production process, this is because getting better gradually means almost able to get a better valve products. Currently in the butterfly valves casting process, according to the actual situation using different process design. In general, the correct and effective control of casting solidification is the first important condition for obtaining high quality castings.


In the actual casting period, the process measures taken include casting system, process correction, etc., so as to obtain a more reasonable process plan. Due to the uneven thickness of the butterfly valve castings, it is necessary to adopt the principle of sequential cooling and sequential solidification so as to reduce the stress inside the castings as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of defects such as shrinkage cavities and shrinkage.


So, how to control the order of butterfly valve casting solidification? In general, the analysis can be carried out from five aspects. First, the type location, pouring location and pouring system should be reasonably designed according to the actual situation. The second point is to design the riser in the final solidified parts of the casting. The advantage of doing this is that it can delay the solidification of molten steel around the riser while providing the function of shrinkage, thus providing favorable conditions for the order solidification.


It should be noted that, in pouring links, should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Usually, when the molten steel rises to a quarter of the riser height, it should be replaced by pouring from the top of the riser, which can increase the pressure head of the molten steel and raise the riser temperature, so as to ensure the quality of the butterfly valve casting basis.


In addition, the butterfly valves casting process, the staff also need to choose a reasonable cast riser size and casting shrinkage. In general, the main factors that affect the casting shrinkage rate of the butterfly valve include the type of metal alloy, the structure and length of the casting.