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Bronze check valve cover features and check valve structure
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Speaking of check valve cover, first of all, we actually want to pay attention to its connection with the valve body form; for Class150 ~ Class900 bolt cover; Class1500 ~ Class2500 by the self-sealing valve cover.


And when it comes to Bronze check valve cover gaskets form, for Class150 ~ Class300 check valve will also be used stainless steel graphite wound gasket; Class600 check valve is used on the stainless steel graphite spiral wound gasket that can be used Metal ring gasket; Class900 check valve is required to use metal gasket, Class1500 ~ Class2500 check valve lock using self-sealing metal ring.


After talking about the check valve, refers to the medium that can be relied on the flow of its own automatically open and close the valve, which can be used to prevent the media back to the valve which will be known as the check valve, one-way valve, Counter-flow valve or back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, its main role, that is, to prevent the media backflow, but also to prevent the pump and its drive motor reversal, but also to prevent the release of container media.


Generally speaking, the check valve cover will be forged steel material, the sealing surface can be sprayed according to customer requirements Carbide, NPS ≤ 10 "check valve with separate threaded screw-in products, if the user needs Product-related structure can also be provided; the valve cover on the stainless steel check valve is generally used as a whole or is welded directly on the body after the hard alloy. If the user needs, for the stainless steel check valve cover can also be used to separate screw-threaded or welded seat structure.


For large diameter check valve bonnet design rings, to facilitate our lifting. Bolted check valve bonnet, the type of flange gasket that is, according to the pressure level is not the same to choose; for the CLASS600 check valve products, it is also possible to use self-tight pressure seal structure; valve Valve limit device to prevent the valve flap open position is too high and there is no way to close.