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Brief introduction to casting of water pump cover
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Many friends are more understanding, as a casting,  the water pump cover casting structure is very simple, but its contact with the pump parts must ensure adequate accuracy. Therefore, in actual processing, it is often necessary to pass through the rough and semi finishing, and ensure the sealing coordination in turn. As for pumps, pumps, caps, castings and other parts that do not require contact with parts, there is no requirement for accuracy.
In other words, in the production of water pump cover casting, other parts of the lower precision requirements, and therefore can be completed in the casting of rough. We should know that the pump cover body parts, is part of the pump, and the pump body parts assembled together to work together. The main function of the pump cover is to play the role of sealing and fastening, while ensuring the normal operation of the oil pump, in order to prevent oil leakage, or gear and gear problems.
Here we briefly introduce the process. Because before the product design, we have chosen for its material, so in the choice of processing process, the choice of blank is mainly selected blank manufacturing methods. Therefore, the pump cover casting in the blank after the manufacture, but also the need for aging treatment.


Tin bronze pump cover castings

After such a series of treatments, the stress in the casting of the pump cover can be effectively removed. Normally, the pump cover includes two sets of machined surfaces, and there is a definite position between the two. Since the force of the pump cover is relatively simple, we need to ensure that the selected material has good seismic performance.
In addition, in order to obtain qualified water pump cover casting, we also need to select the appropriate base surface according to process requirements. In fact, the selection is an important part of the design work, if the choice is reasonable, so it can ensure the quality of products, but also can improve the productivity, otherwise it will likely result in a large number of scrapped parts.
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