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Basic properties of copper
- Apr 10, 2017 -

Basic properties of copper

Copper is a group IB metal, element symbol Cu, due to the most famous on the island of Cyprus copper mine, Latin Cuprum and English name Copper is derived from this. Its atomic weight 63.54, density 8.92gNaN-3, melting point of 1083. Although copper accounted for only 0.01% of the earth's crust, but the distribution of copper mineral in nature is very extensive, such as chalcopyrite, chalcocite (CuFeS2) (Cu2S), bornite (Cu3FeS4), copper (Cu2O), azurite (2CuCO3 - Cu (OH)2) and Malachite[CuCO3 Cu (OH)2] . Pure copper is pale rose or light red, the surface of the formation of copper oxide film, the appearance of copper. Copper and gold and silver belong to the same family in the periodic table of the elements, and thus have excellent physical and chemical properties similar to those of precious metals. The utility model has the advantages of good plasticity, easy processing, corrosion resistance, no magnetism, beauty and durability. Especially the copper electrical and thermal conductivity except slightly and silver is the best of all metals. Because of the high cost of silver, copper is the most widely used conductor and conductor. The chemical stability of copper, tensile strength, welding, with corrosion resistance, plasticity, ductility. Pure copper can be drawn into a very fine copper wire, made of thin copper foil. Capable of forming an alloy with zinc, tin, lead, manganese, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, iron and other metals, can further improve the strength, hardness, elasticity, easy cutting performance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance etc, to meet different application requirements. Due to the excellent properties of copper and its alloys, copper is widely used in many fields. The performance of copper is shown in figure .




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