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Analysis of the poor surface quality of pump body aluminum alloy die castings
- Jun 01, 2017 -

Aluminum Alloy die casting surface will appear "atherosclerotic" pattern, small pits, this is what causes? Wuxi Dong'Ao Casting Co. Ltd. today simple analysis, the reasons are as follows:
1, the roughness of the mold cracking caused by ultra poor
(1) the sprue is rushed to the non machined surface with roughness requirements, resulting in a part of the mold being in a high temperature state, resulting in surface cracking.


                                                                      Pump cover castings

(2) in order to obtain high density castings, two stage injection rate and boost pressure need to be improved so as to cause premature cracking of the die due to high pressure erosion.
2., the cast of the "fat" pattern, so that the roughness of the cause of the difference
The release agent accumulates to a certain amount, the corresponding parts of the casting appear "atheroma" pattern, and the roughness is too bad, these problems often appear in the aluminum liquid flow corner position or exhaust parts.
3, the casting surface appears "small spots"
Because the wax in the mold release agent is not sufficiently atomized or has impurities in the mold release agent, they are not blown clean by compressed air and gradually accumulated in the local position under the erosion of the aluminum liquid.
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