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Analysis of product functions and advantages of domestic water pumps
- Apr 10, 2018 -

The domestic water pump is an automatic pressurizing device that is directly connected in series on the pipeline and can automatically work and stop according to the water situation. It is divided into three types: liquid level type, pressure type, and frequency conversion type according to the control method, but basically it has The series of advantages such as stable pressure, cleanliness, hygiene, small size, low noise, energy saving, environmental protection, adjustable parameters, and ease of use have become the ideal equipment for home tap water boosting and small engineering production outflow water delivery.

From a functional point of view, the pressure gauge and pressure switch in the domestic water pump are integrated, and the digital real-time display of the current pressure value, and the user can freely adjust the upper and lower pressure, no dead zone, accurate control, and sensitive response.

At the same time, the domestic water pump also has a water shortage protection function, waterless shutdown protection of the pump, the water can be automatically or manually start the pump. The pressure setting for water shortage protection shall not be lower than the lower limit, otherwise the water pump will not start even after the tap water is restored to water supply.

In addition, delay stop and delay start can also be set. Can effectively solve the water hammer effect or start too frequently, greatly extend the life of the booster pump. As the domestic water pump can set password protection parameters, it can effectively prevent misuse of the pump.

In addition to the perfect function, this domestic water pump has many advantages. For example, its controller has a low starting pressure, so it is very suitable for areas with low pressure in the pipeline network. The pressure pump can be installed in the conventional environment for domestic water pumps. It has a pressure buffer function. In the case of no pressure tanks, it can also be controlled stably without frequent start-up. However, pressure tanks are more effective.

The working status of the domestic water pump is very stable. Due to the delay time setting, the problem of frequent starting of similar products is effectively solved. It also shows the advantages of small size, beautiful appearance, long service life, obvious energy saving and energy saving, and simple installation and operation.