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Analysis of impeller casting technology characteristics
- Aug 26, 2017 -

In actual work, we can see that many of the machines contain a wide variety of impellers. Some of the impeller is actually made of heat-resistant cast steel by casting. Well, do you understand the process of impeller casting? The so-called casting, in fact, in the middle through a lot of processing processes, and each link needs strict control, can guarantee the quality of casting.

The impeller casting process, in fact, can be seen as a liquid metal material, such as heat-resistant steel solidification process. The main links include molding, core making, mixing, pouring, sand falling, and finally cleaning. Thus, the entire casting process is not only complicated, but also around longer, need to be seriously completed.

It should be noted that many of the impeller's structural shape is very complex, so in the process of casting molding, it may be under the influence of some uncertain factors, resulting in changes in its shape. For example, in the process of impeller casting, often because of rough core sand, or coating containing impurities, or mud core skew and other problems, resulting in changes in geometry of the impeller runner.

As a result, it is easy to affect the performance and function of the impeller. In order to avoid such problems, we must take some measures to ensure the rationality of the casting structure as much as possible in the process of casting. Generally speaking, gate size, quantity, material selection and proper design of gating system are the important conditions to ensure the quality of impeller casting.

In short, in the impeller casting process, we need to ensure that the selected materials and coating quality, strict control of impurities, as much as possible to ensure smooth flow channel. After the casting has been completed, the casting shall be carefully checked to prevent accidents due to casting defects.

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