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Aluminum bronze pump body installation process and requirements
- Apr 14, 2018 -

During the operation of aluminum bronze pump body, it will effectively perform installation height verification and foundation civil engineering according to its process requirements and pump cavitation conditions. The aluminum bronze pump body will prepare a series of flat plates of different thickness before installation. Gaskets and wedge pads for use when adjusting.

Aluminum bronze pump body will effectively according to the characteristics of the medium conveyed by the pump, so that the material of the gasket at the joint can be determined and the gasket can be processed. Before the entire product is installed, it should be ensured that all the pipes connected to the pump should be clean and there shall be no The pump has solid foreign objects that may cause damage.

Aluminium bronze pump body to a certain extent, the application of blind flange or other things to the population suction pump and the outlet of the pump, so that it can effectively ensure that no impurities in its installation process into its pump cavity. Check whether the random data of the pump is complete and complete, and whether there is any obvious damage to the appearance of the pump. Only complete data, no obvious damage to the pump can continue to install.

When the aluminum bronze pump body is equipped with a coupling centrifugal pump, it should be hand cranked, so that it will slowly rotate the coupling or the pulley, to a certain extent, observe whether the water pump rotation is stable, flexible and uniform. Whether the rotor parts are blocked or not, there is no collision noise in the pump, whether the bearing operation is normal, and whether the belt is tight or not.

The aluminum bronze pump can effectively find the positional relationship between the pump and the motor, the pump set and the anchor bolts, and the inlet and outlet flanges to ensure that the flange torque of the pump meets the standards. Check the inlet and outlet piping before correcting to ensure that the weight of the inlet and outlet piping does not exert force or torque on the pump.