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Aluminium bronze pump body castings impact on the pump
- Mar 21, 2018 -

From the analysis of the composition of aluminum bronze pump castings, the content of aluminum element is generally not more than 11.5%, and some elements such as iron, nickel, and manganese are sometimes added to further improve the performance. Aluminum bronze pump castings will be strengthened by heat treatment during the production process, so it has higher strength and good resistance to high temperature oxidation.


In addition, the aluminum bronze pump body casting also has a major advantage, that is, it also has sufficient wear resistance, which makes it have a longer service life. It also contains a certain amount of iron and manganese elements, so aluminum bronze has high strength and wear resistance. Together with quenching and tempering, the hardness of the aluminum bronze is further improved, and good high-temperature corrosion resistance can also be obtained.


Because of this, aluminum bronze pump body castings are increasingly used in modern industrial fields. This product not only has high mechanical properties, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is worth mentioning that it can be welded, but not brazed. In order to ensure its weldability, the lead content must not exceed 0.2%. Since this material contains iron and manganese elements, its strength and wear resistance are improved.


In addition to proper heat treatment, the aluminum bronze pump body castings have good corrosion resistance in practical applications such as atmospheric, fresh water, and seawater, and the pressure processing in the hot state is good. In other words, the quality of such castings is very assured and provides good conditions for the performance of mechanical products.


This is because the performance of the aluminum bronze body casting itself will directly affect the accuracy of the pump life, and will affect the pump's working efficiency, energy consumption and the development of cavitation. In conclusion, the good performance of aluminum bronze pump castings helps to extend the working life of the pump.