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Advantages of use of valve body impeller castings and improvement of production efficiency
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The melting operation of the valve body impeller casting can obtain high-quality iron liquid during operation. The important index is the boiling temperature of the molten iron. Especially for high silicon-carbon ratio cast iron, the melting temperature is high, which is beneficial to reduce the burning loss of silicon. But it will increase the tendency to increase carbon. Therefore, it should be considered that during the smelting, the bottom height is appropriately increased, the air volume is increased to increase the melting rate, and the tendency of the iron to increase carbon is controlled. While obtaining high temperature molten iron, the carbon content is controlled within an ideal range.

Advantages of the valve body impeller casting forming method

1. The castings are accurate in size, low in surface roughness, and closer to the final dimensions of the part, making it easy to achieve less or no cutting.

2. The internal quality of the casting is good, the mechanical properties are high, and the wall thickness of the casting can be thinned.

3. Reduced metal consumption and casting rejection rate.

4. Simplify the casting production process (except for investment casting), and facilitate the mechanization and automation of the production process.

5. Improve working conditions and increase labor productivity.

The valve body impeller casting can make the special molding method more and more widely used to some extent, and some of these methods belong to the advanced process of near net formation. However, there are some shortcomings in each special casting forming method, and its application range has certain limitations.