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Quality is the important principle of our company, and our company has established a comprehensive quality management control system and passed the ISO9000 Product Quality Certification. Our company initiated and successfully implemented a product traceability system in the production process in 2008, so that the element composition of each product can be traced relying on the clear code information.

  • Screw Compressor Housing

    Screw Compressor Housing

    Screw compressor housing: The screw air compressor housing can effectively control vibration, reduce noise radiation, and improve operational reliability....

  • Copper Tube Casting

    Copper Tube Casting

    Copper tubes also called copper pipes, which is a type of non-ferrous metal pipe that is pressed and drawn seamlessly. Copper pipe is the main product of...

  • Copper Ring for Shipbuilding

    Copper Ring for Shipbuilding

    The copper ring is a copper door knocker used in shipbuilding, machinery and other industries. The company mainly produces various types of pumps, high...

  • Copper Y Fitting

    Copper Y Fitting

    Copper y fitting Copper castings can be used in valves, speakers, injection molding machines, and water pipes. Castings have a variety of classification...

  • Tin Bronze Check Valve Body Casting

    Tin Bronze Check Valve Body Casting

    Tin bronze Check valve body casting: The check valve body refers to a valve that automatically opens and closes the valve flap depending on the flow of the...

  • Copper Alloy Right Angle Valve Castings

    Copper Alloy Right Angle Valve Castings

    Copper alloy Right angle valve castings: Right angle valve body is a main part of the valve, according to the different pressure levels of mechanical...


About Dongao

Wuxi Dongao Nonferrous Casting Co., Ltd. is a growing modernized production enterprise undertaking pressure-bearing sand castings products and processing after 30 years of development, and has experienced casting experts and employees, who all-round embody the casting level and technical ability of our company and guarantee to provide customers with excellent products.

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