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Valve cover castings

  • American standard-compliant material Tin bronze valve cover castings

    American standard-compliant material Tin bronze valve cover castingsThe valve cover is a valve part with stem seal, which is used to connect or support the executing agency. The valve cover and valve body can be a whole, and also can be separated. Different control valve structure and use requirements need to have the corresponding upper valve cover. The upper valve cover is filled with stuffing box to seal the stem and the stem extends through it. The upper cover is threaded or bolted in the form of the actuator, which is the same as the valve body, also withstanding the pressure of the medium, temperature and corrosion.Read More

  • Bronze Check Valve Cover

    Bronze Check Valve CoverCheck valve is also called the refux valve, no-return valve and back valve. It's a kind of automatic valve used in duct system working based on the power of fluid medium itself. The main function of this valve is to stop the medium from back of and bleeding from the container. It's also...Read More

  • Bronze Filter Valve Cover

    Bronze Filter Valve CoverFilter valve cover leakage phenomenon: 1. Cast iron casting quality is not high, body and valve cover body blisters, loose tissue, slag and other defects 2. day cold cracking; 3. Poor welding, there is slag, welding, stress cracks and other defects 4. Cast iron valve is damaged after heavy...Read More

  • American standard-compliant material /Tin bronze valve castings

    American standard-compliant material /Tin bronze valve castingsThe check valve is automatically opened and closed by the force generated by the flow of the medium in the pipeline, and belongs to an automatic valve. Check valve is used for pipeline system. Its main function is to prevent the media flowing backwards and bleeding from the container. Check valves may also be used for piping where the pressure may be increased to the auxiliary system that exceeds the main system pressure.Read More

  • Right Angle Valve Body Castings

    Right Angle Valve Body CastingsRight angle valve body is a a major component, according to the pressure level has different mechanical manufacturing methods, such as casting, forging and so on. Medium and low pressure valve body is usually used in the production of casting valve body, medium and high pressure specifications...Read More

  • Valve Body Casting Parts

    Valve Body Casting PartsRight angle valve body Product Description Good Quality Valve Parts With Material of Brass, Copper , aluminum bronze, C95800 etc. Good Quality and Price with on time delivery. Why Dongao Nonferrous Casting: 1. 30 years of experience in casting and precision machining. 2.. OEM & ODM products...Read More

  • Ball Valve Body Casting

    Ball Valve Body CastingBall valve boby The function of a small valve on the ball valve body is: Decompression, that is, to control the pressure in the ball valve body through the control of the valve. Product Description 1. Materials: American standard-compliant materials tin bronze/aluminum bronze/copper alloy/C95500...Read More

  • Ball valve/Right angle valve/Check valve/Butterfly valve/Cut-off valve body castings

    Ball valve/Right angle valve/Check valve/Butterfly valve/Cut-off valve body castingsValve body is one of the main components in the valve and has different mechanical manufacturing methods according to the pressure grade. Valve body is the valve core part of the valve, mainly used in the water valve and air valve, which is used in the interior of the valve to obstruct water flow or air flow. Commonly used materials are: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, copper and so on.Read More

  • American standard-compliant material Tin bronze valve clack castings

    American standard-compliant material Tin bronze valve clack castingsThe valve disk is the valve core, which is one of the main core parts of the valve. It directly bears the pressure of the medium in the valve . The materials used must comply with the " pressure and temperature grades of the valve ". Each disk has a cylindrical bore with a transfer shaft and a ring groove or sealing surface mounted with a sealing ring. According to the use of the valve disk, the valve material can be cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. The blanks are all castings.Read More

  • Wafer Check Valve Body

    Wafer Check Valve BodyThe function of valve body: 1. Switch type:The inside coil of the battery valve is energized by a certain current or voltage, and then the internal needle valve or ball valve is driven to displace, thereby blocking or opening the oil way, which mostly is used to control the shift. 2. Impulse...Read More