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Quality is the important principle of our company, and our company has established a comprehensive quality management control system and passed the ISO9000 Product Quality Certification. Our company initiated and successfully implemented a product traceability system in the production process in 2008, so that the element composition of each product can be traced relying on the clear code information.

  • Valve Body Casting Parts

    Valve Body Casting Parts

    Right angle valve body Product Description Good Quality Valve Parts With Material of Brass, Copper , aluminum bronze, C95800 etc. Good Quality and Price...

  • Wafer Check Valve Body

    Wafer Check Valve Body

    The function of valve body: 1. Switch type:The inside coil of the battery valve is energized by a certain current or voltage, and then the internal needle...

  • Ball Valve Body Casting

    Ball Valve Body Casting

    Ball valve boby The function of a small valve on the ball valve body is: Decompression, that is, to control the pressure in the ball valve body through the...

  • Double Suction Impellers

    Double Suction Impellers

    The double suction impeller absorbs the water from both sides. It has the absorption capacity and basically can eliminate the axial thrust. The large flow...

  • Open Impeller Castings

    Open Impeller Castings

    The open impeller only has blade and blade rib reinforcement. And the impeller has no front and rear blind flange ( less number of open impeller, 2 - 5...

  • Multistage Pump Body

    Multistage Pump Body

    The top of the pump body is provided with an air exhaust hole ( irrigation hole ) for vacuumization or irrigation. An outlet is arranged at the bottom of...


About Dongao

Wuxi Dongao Nonferrous Casting Co., Ltd. is a growing modernized production enterprise undertaking pressure-bearing sand castings products and processing after 30 years of development, and has experienced casting experts and employees, who all-round embody the casting level and technical ability of our company and guarantee to provide customers with excellent products.

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China's Valve Castings Industry To Be Converted Marketing Model

China's Valve Castings Industry To Be Converted Marketing Model​​In the highly competitive market environment, the valve castings enterprises in order to survive, but also continue to change the development of business ideas, follow the market development, conv...